These learning resources are to be kept for reference to describe class projects completed during my graduate classes in Analog and RF IC design while at the University.

Please note there may be still typos, omissions or unfortunately some old learning mistakes in some of these (I am in the process of fixing them). If you could kindly let me know (issues or e-mail) I could fix them when I have a bit of time.

Project 1: Current mirrors, folded OTA and 2 stage Opamps

  1. Current mirror characterization and mismatch

  2. Folded-cascode OTA testbench: compensation, open-loop and closed-loop response

  3. Two-stage opamp testbench: lead compensation for stability and simulation over corners

  4. Two-stage opamp scaled to use smaller device feature sizes while preserving specs

Project 2: Fully differential Opamp, Comparator Design

Fully Diferential Opamp Design

  1. FD Opamp Description of specs

  2. Topology Selection

  3. Design procedure

  4. Single Ended Open Loop Response

  5. Single Ended Closed Loop Response

  6. Fully Differential Folded Cascode Opamp

  7. Measurement Testbench and Results

  8. Fully Differential Open Loop Response

  9. Gain Enhancement Results

Strong Arm Comparator Characterization

  1. Regeneration Time constant

  2. Propagation Delay

  3. Energy Consumed per Comparison

  4. Sensitivity

  5. Histeresis

  6. Comparator Input Referred Noise

Project 3: Ring VCO, Linear regulator, PLL

  1. Ring-based Voltage Controlled Oscillator Design

  2. Linear Voltage Regulator Design

  3. Phase-locked Loop Design

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