There is an updated version of these apps read more here.

This is a continuation of my previous efforts to design a little app(s) to allow me to display my quotes or book summaries (which I have stored as paragraphs in text linked_files) in random order in my phone home screen or in an Android picture frame (or just an old android phone). You can read more detailed information about these applications in the project documentation.

The following are the new versions of the quote display applications:

Random Quotes Widget v2.

You can use this little application to place a widget in your home screen to display your quotes on tap or at periodic intervals.

Random Quotes App v2.

You can use this application to display quotes in an android picture frame (or just an old unused phone), just configure it (pass it some text file(s)) and it will display one new quote onTap or at periodic intervals.

Also if you find bugs could you help me track them?, perhaps one day they will get fixed :).

Enjoy and share with others ;)

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