This is a continuation of my previous efforts.

A quote a day? That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

That’s what we thought too, and that’s why we created these apps.

You can use these open source apps to display personal/book quotes in your Android device. The quotes are read from text file(s) and displayed (one by one) in random order at periodic intervals (or on screen-tap).

Random Quotes App

Application to turn an Android device into a “picture frame” for displaying quotes.

Random Quotes Widget

Application to display your quotes in a small widget in the Android device front screen.


For documentation and upcoming features, see the user documentation.


All the development was done using Gradle and the android tools directly from the command line (No bloated IDEs). It’s actually pretty straightforward after you get the hold of it.

Using gradle to build Android apps from the CLI

The Gradle build process mostly involves two commands:

  • Build Debug:

gradle assembleDebug

  • Build Release (signed apps with your own keys):

gradle assembleRelease

Once the application builds you can use the following scripts to install and debug your application.

If you need more, you can write your own little scripts, it’s actually quite nice.


These applications were created to meet our needs, we are sharing them under the assumption that they can provide some value to others, but with no warranties of any kind; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. See the GPLv3 license file for more details.

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