Tested on Linux Mint 17 (Ubuntu 14.04 based)

A couple of useful commands:

  • To inquire the status of the firewall:

    sudo ufw status

  • To disable to firewall:

    sudo ufw disable

  • To enable the firewall:

    sudo ufw enable

  • To add a specific “allow” firewall rule, e.g.:

    sudo ufw allow in wlan0 from to any port 11055

    Where: wlan0 (network adapter, e.g. can also be eth0), (Client IP address and netmask for IP range -, 11055 (server port number). Other examples are:

    sudo ufw allow in eth0 from to any port nfs

  • List firewall rules, numbered:

    sudo ufw numbered

  • Delete firewall rule by number:

    sudo ufw delete rule_number

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