So I have been using LaTeX for a while for all of my papers and formal documents. I really think it is a great way to create professional looking documents.

Why use LaTeX?

For the most part in LaTeX you only need to focus on working on the content of your document and providing a couple of typesetting instructions for TeX to interpret. Tex then takes these instructions, formats your document accordingly and generates a professional looking document for you. The beauty of LaTeX over other What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) programs (e.g. Word …etc) is that you don’t have to deal with the looks of the document, you simply need to provide instructions for the typesetting engine to interpret. It is a really nice concept once you get used to it.

These are other great advantages to LaTeX (I will keep adding more as time goes by):

  • It is free and open source.

  • It runs on most operating systems.

  • You can add revision control to your documents to keep track of changes and revert back to previous versions easily.

  • LaTeX handles mathematical expressions and formulas very well.

  • You can program and define your own commands. For example if you want the document to look a certain way (e.g. your resume or CV), or if you want to automate the process.

Professional Document Templates

Now to the substance of this post, not long ago I needed to update my resume and so I went ahead and opened my old resume in open office and of course the formatting was all off (it was created in Word) arrgh :( . So I decided it was finally time to create my professional documents using LaTeX.

So I went ahead and created a template that I can keep reusing for my resume and my professional profile. It actually works surprisingly well and my documents look way better than what I was able to accomplish with Word (I know, I know maybe I am a bit biased ;) ).

Where to get the Resume Templates?

I created a Github repository with a couple of example documents so that you can see the templates at work. Feel free to clone the repo and use the templates to craft your own documents.

You can also look at my professional documents to see what the templates can do for you.

I hope it helps.


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